Northern India and its lip smacking cuisines

The ultimate destination of foodies is the North Zone of India. There is absolutely no dearth of variety for a creative gourmet in this part of the country. The zone is fortunate to be the hub of some of the most exotic styles of cooking. Many of which are renowned all over the world and regarded as the most developed and refined of all culinary arts.Most famous of all is the Mughal Cuisine. National, capital, Delhi is the place to enjoy this style in its best form. Known for their love for life and lavish styles, Mughals treated their gastronomic requirement with a lot of seriousness. They added a touch of royalty to the food and produced mouth watering taste with the generous use of spices, sausages, dry-fruits and butter. Roasted in tandoors, the meat dishes taste out of this world. Also important are kashmiri, thanks for their wazwans, the awadh cooking style,Northern Indian cuisine has the following main schools of cooking:
Gharwal and Pahari
Awadh or Luchnawi

The main few states that stand out because of their wonderful additions to the world cuisines are
Jammu and Kashmir - Kashmiri Pundits Cuisine, Wazwan Cuisine
Punjab and Haryana - Punjabi Cuisine
Uttaranchal - Garhwal Cuisine and Kumouni Cuisine
Delhi - Mughalai Cuisine
Uttar Pradesh - Awadh or Lucknowi Cuisine
Rajasthan - Rajasthani and Marwari Cuisine

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